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Betty and Thelma

Betty Sabo and her sister Thelma LeFebvre received the Business of the Year Award from the Zelienople-Harmony Chamber of Commerce in March 2009.

Baldinger's Food From All Nations established in 1933.

The original Baldinger's store was built in 1933 and was located just south of Zelienople, and north of the retail centers in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania.

The store was not only well known locally, but also nationally for its penny candy and "Foods from all Nations." Established in 1933 near the corner of U.S. 19 and PA 528, (Click Here for Directions) the candy store has been visited by people from all over the United States and throughout the world. In 2008, the store celebrated its 75th Anniversary, and was also the last year the original store was to remain open. Plans were made to close down the store in June of 2008, but the people in the community wanted it to stay.

Baldinger's relocated from its original location to a new store 2 miles north of the old site on rt 19  just south Zelienople. Local businessman Pat Boylan bought the market and re-created an exact replica of the old store -- inside and out.

The new store opened in the summer of 2008 and includes all of the old cases, coolers, butcher block furniture and shelving from the original store. The ever famous heralded cash register that rings with each turn of the crank can also still be found at the new location and is fully functional.




Original Displays & Counters

Original Coca-Cola Display

In 2008, when Baldinger's opened their new location in Zelienople, all of the old cases, coolers, butcher block furniture and shelving were moved to the new store.

Visit us to see all of the original items including an antique telephone and Coca-Cola cooler.

Original Register

Original Register!

Baldinger's famous19th-century wooden cash register will not ring up a sale higher than $9.99. Employees took turns ringing up large orders in multiples of $9.99.

The register fully functional  but is on display only for visitors to come and see.



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